Cathy Svendsen


Specialized Services for seniors now available via Accredited Senior Agent designation

Cathy & Kelly Real Estate is thrilled to share that Cathy was recently awarded the Pivotal-ASA™ Seniors Real Estate professional designation and is now an Accredited Senior Agent™. 
Over the past few years, we’ve worked with many seniors – and their family members – to help them transition to a new stage of life. We’ve built relationships; listened; offered advice; and formed wonderful friendships that extend well beyond the traditional Client-Agent rapport. 
It’s important to us that we exceed the expectations of our clients. Our previous experiences working with seniors has resulted in a strong desire to formalize our expertise in this area. As such, Cathy earned her credential in early August as part of our commitment to learning how to best support this growing population.  
How does working with an Accredited Senior Agent benefit our clients? Whether you are a senior looking to sell your home for reasons such as downsizing, accommodating health challenges or relocating closer to your loved ones or you are planning to move to a seniors’ building or assisted living/long-term care facility, Cathy is driven by a passion to understand and help with your unique needs, rather than simply selling your house.
Part of that is recognizing that when you want to move, finding your dream home can be exciting but when you feel forced to move, it can be overwhelming – for you and your family. That’s why we take the time to listen to what you want and what you need. Cathy then combines that knowledge with her specialized seniors’ training and significant industry experience to help you make the best possible decision based on your individual circumstances – even if that means staying where you are.  
Clients who determine they want to work with us will benefit from our extensive list of preferred experts, which includes lawyers and accountants specializing in estates, wills, taxes and inheritance law.  And, because we respect the memories and the life you’ve created in your home, we work with like-minded individuals and organizations who are skilled at sorting, selling and donating household items; art, antique and estate appraisers; comprehensive moving and packing services; contractors, painters and home stagers; and cleaning services who also recognize the importance of sentimental value. 
Alternatively, if you choose to remain in your home, we can connect you with homecare providers; programs and options designed to help you access funding for home adaptations; and private contractors who can help you modify your home, so you feel comfortable, safe and supported for many years to come.  
At Cathy & Kelly Real Estate we understand that the real estate experience for seniors is truly unique and are proud to offer individuals entering their ‘golden years’ the opportunity to do so alongside a specially trained Realtor who is committed to helping you make the best possible decisions for you – and your future.