By: Nicole Dawes

3 Reasons to Live In Your New Home Before Renovating It

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We often hear our clients telling us that they want to remodel their home immediately after purchasing it. The theory stands that if you get all the hard work over with, then you’ll live happily ever after… Right? While we can attest that remodelling is beneficial in many ways—the most popular one being that it increases your resale value down the road—on the flip side, there are also several reasons to hold off on reno’s when you first move in to your new pad.

If you’re familiar with the remodelling industry, then you know all too well the reasons why homeowners should live in their home prior to renovating it; and if you’re not, well read on to hear why you should probably wait before breaking out the hammer—and then breaking down the walls in your new home.

1. Change Of Plans
As you live in your new house, your desired plans or vision you originally had may change. It’s hard to improve day-to-day function when you’re not even living in the home yet; for example, you might realize after living in the home for a few months that the gorgeous view out of your kitchen window has changed your original plans of moving the sink away from it. This daily experience will better your home improvement decisions in comparison to your visions, and it’s better to test out your ideas before getting your hands dirty with renovations.

2. Too Expensive
There’s no arguing that you will probably be left with little to no capital after buying your home. And while you have no reason to truly worry—as every new home buyer is in the same boat—this will obviously get in the way of any renovation plans you might have had. While speaking to a financial advisor will go a long way, we suggest staggering your renovations. For example, you can move in and renovate your living room first, and then your kitchen a few month later. This will stagger the costs of your renovations over a longer period, putting less strain on your finances.

3. Too Much Work
There’s no denying that you will want—and need—a break after buying your house. Not only is purchasing property financially straining, but it’s also emotionally and physically exhausting. Adding remodelling plans that will tack another 6 weeks of work onto your timeline is simply too exhausting for the average person. You don’t want to burn out before you’ve even started enjoying your home! Give yourself a few months to recuperate and enjoy it before getting started with those renovations.