By: Nicole Dawes

Selling In The Spring 101

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Spring is just around the corner… And you know what that means, right? In real estate, springtime usually alludes to a spike in housing inventory due to the large number of buyers actively searching for a new home—and a large number of sellers that have been waiting out the winter lull. So, if you’re thinking of selling this spring, you'll have to ensure that your home stands out against competition. But, how?

Read on to learn a few successful tips on how you can set your property apart during the busy spring market.

Clean Up Outside
A yard that is well-maintained can truly make-or-break a sale, but don’t overdo it with the flowers and plants; while most people will love the look of your well-manicured lawn, to some, this can translate to "high maintenance"—and that could be a turn off. Planting low maintenance perennials and other shrubs will be the best way to showcase your garden without scaring prospective buyers.

You should also try pressure-washing your driveway or sweeping your front walkway to free it from branches and other debris. Cleaning windows and touching up any exterior doors is necessary, too. 

Freshen Up Inside
We cannot stress enough the importance of having a clutter-free, clean home when selling. Light fixtures, appliances, and windows should be cleaned, and be sure to move large appliances and clean in and around where they usually sit. Switching out your bed linens, pillows, and towels is another great way to freshen up the look of a room. You might even want to consider purchasing a new welcome mat at the front door too. 

Pro Tip: When cleaning, try starting from the top-down. Clean ceilings, fans, windows, and shelves before moving to eye-level spots—then finally end with floors and under furniture. This prevents you from having to do another sweep when dust and other debris falls when cleaning up high.

Be Sure the Price is Right
As we mentioned earlier, the spring market is an incredibly popular time of year to sell a home. And if you have priced your home too high, buyers will likely opt to look at similar, more reasonably priced homes—and trust us, there will be a tonne to choose from. The best way to prevent flawed-pricing is to align yourself with a reputable sales representative. A good agent will take in many factors to help you list your home at a price that is competitive with other listings, yet a fair deal for you.